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Tri Colour Jadeite Jade Bead Bracelet - 9mm
Tri Colour Jadeite Jade Bead Bracelet - 9mm
Tri Colour Jadeite Jade Bead Bracelet - 9mm
Tri Colour Jadeite Jade Bead Bracelet - 9mm
Tri Colour Jadeite Jade Bead Bracelet - 9mm
Tri Colour Jadeite Jade Bead Bracelet - 9mm
Tri Colour Jadeite Jade Bead Bracelet - 9mm
Tri Colour Jadeite Jade Bead Bracelet - 9mm
Tri Colour Jadeite Jade Bead Bracelet - 9mm

Tri Colour Jadeite Jade Bead Bracelet - 9mm

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Gemstone Natural Jadeite Jade
Grade / Type A
Bead Count 17 - 22
Bead Diameter (mm) 7
Bead Shape Round
Weight (g) 23 - 31
Colour Pale Green, White, Yellow
Treatments None
Origin Burma
Hardness 7

Jade Bead Bracelet Size Chart

Measure your wrist size using a tape measure or a string and ruler. Then, use the table below to determine your bracelet size.

Wrist Size (cm)

Wrist Size (in)

Bracelet Size
















Tri Colour Jadeite Jade Bead Bracelet - 9mm

$224 AUD

Extra Small
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Tri Colour Jadeite Jade Bead Bracelet - 9mm

Product Description

MAYS Tri-Colored Jadeite Jade Bracelet, featuring the harmonious blend of white, yellow, and pale green colours, embodies the rich symbolism of Fu, Lu, Shou—three essential elements in Chinese culture representing happiness, prosperity, and longevity. "Fu" symbolises blessings and good fortune, "Lu" represents prosperity and wealth, and "Shou" signifies longevity and good health. Together, these three characters, known as the "Three Stars of Happiness," form a powerful trio of positive energies. Wearing a tri-colored jadeite jade bracelet is believed to attract these virtues into the wearer's life, creating a harmonious balance of blessings, prosperity, and longevity. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this bracelet becomes a meaningful talisman, a source of positive energies that resonate with the cultural and spiritual significance of Fu, Lu, Shou. It's a symbolic adornment that invites not only style but also the potential for a life filled with joy, prosperity, and well-being.

This bracelet is suitable for all genders. They are made with natural, untreated, undyed, and genuine Burmese jadeite jade beads, and each comes with a certificate to guarantee their authenticity. 

Each bracelet is threaded with a high quality elastic string, providing flexibility, durability and comfort when worn. It contains 18 to 24 round beads depending on the size. 

Available in five different sizes, from extra small to extra large, this tri colour jadeite jade bracelet effortlessly caters to a variety of preferences. It contains pale green, white and yellow jadeite jade beads with approximately 9mm in diameter. 


Bead Count

Theoretical Length* (inch)

Weight (g)

Extra Small 
















Extra Large




*Theoretical length equals the total number of beads multiplied by the diameter of the beads. Actual length may vary slightly depending on the individual diameters of the beads. Each available size of the bracelet is tested on various body builds to ensure accuracy in sizing and fitment. 

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